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We are a company with a 31 year license, who knows the reality of the existing housing market and its degradation over time. We believe that more than building it is important to preserve and adapt each space to our customers’ needs. We are a company that has professionals with extensive experience in the market, thus being able to combine knowing and doing.
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For each situation, we propose a study of technical solutions within the Engineering and Architecture. The AHGARVEGROUP SA aims to meet market needs in the following areas: Construction, Rehabilitation, Renovation, Repair, Maintenance.
Knowing the importance of centralization of resources and responsibilities to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings between projects and execution, AHGARVEGROUP SA has a vast network of partners ensures that different areas such as:
  • - Architecture and Engineering Design
  • - Inner Decoration
  • - Foreign Arrangements
  • - Energy certificates
  • - Certification and inspection of gas networks
All these elements are managed by AHGARVEGROUP SA thus giving our customer a wide range of solutions providing the comfort of knowing that everything is being managed by our professionals so that everything goes as planned.
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Because we like to continue to monitor our customers after the purchase of property, AHGARVEGROUP SA provides specialized services of technical assistance to housing and offers a specialized service of maintenance of green spaces that also takes care of the pools.
To keep the exterior spaces of your home in perfect conditions, we are endowed with a team of technical experts in this field, we are at your disposal, with a full and personalized service.
Our range of services, are part of irrigation systems installation, garden maintenance, application of fertilizers and chemicals, conservation of green spaces, pruning trees, cleaning the grounds, among others.
We have machines and high-quality products, ready to give you an excellent service.
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domestic cleaning

The accompaniment to our customers after the purchase of the house, includes not only the outdoor spaces but also assistance with your interior. In this sense, we have a team available to help with household cleaning, whenever you need our intervention.
With AHGARVEGROUP SA, will finish their concerns with the cleaning and maintenance of your condo. Our teams know how to take care regularly of the common areas, using its own equipment and products that do not damage the environment of your condo. Our service is your peace of mind! This is indicated by the index almost no complaints from our customers. We maintain high standards of attendance, reaching values very close to 100%. We enforce our customer to any kind of formal contract and the quality of service the business card for our continuity.

Regular cleanings

Our regular service shall be made by a team of two trained professionals to optimize time and priorities of cleaning. Whenever a team comes into your home, each employee will know exactly where to start and where to end their tasks, according to your preference.

You can choose the frequency that suits you, daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. Our team will not exercise other activity in your home that is not part of cleaning tasks. We embrace the responsibility we seriously care of your home. Our professionals are trustworthy and are insured for liability and workers’ compensation.

Occasional Cleanings

According to your preference may request an occasionally maintenance cleaning. During the period chosen for cleaning, our team of two professional will do everything to meet your preferences. At each visit, our team will take all products and equipment required to perform the service.

Our products, with proven results, enable a healthy cleansing, not damaging the environment of your home. We guarantee the quality of service, just contact if something does not get to your liking and our team can return to ensure your preferences. Our goal is your satisfaction!

Post-construction cleaning

Whether you are moving to your new home, to leave the old house, or simply want a clean sweep of your current home can rely on our services to clean up with the utmost professionalism.

The specific treatment for each type of surface will act as a protective barrier, facilitating further stain removal and waste, as well as housing mites, fleas or certain types of microbes, keeping longer their colors and well-being textiles themselves.

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other services

  • Meals . Whenever prefer not cook, can enjoy the fact that we serve meals.
  • Reception. We are available 7 days a week, to assist and provide information whenever you need.
  • - Bicycle Rental. We have bicycles available for weekly rental, so you can discover the beautiful nature Algarve with family or friends.
  • Barbecue. We have an employee who can handle the barbecue. Whenever you want to enjoy a meal with family and friends.
  • Laundry. Although all our villas are duly equipped with washing machines, whenever you prefer, you can request this service. We washed, dried off, and we deliver on housing.
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We also provide transfer services to various destinations. To order, just contact the reception or visit our website: www.lowcost-transfer.com

supermarket online

For our guests and also for the owners, we have available some essential products. You can place your order on our website www.cerroshop.com and we deliver the products at home.


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We are a company with a 31 year license, who knows the reality of the existing housing market.
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